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Brookings County K9 Search and Rescue provides programs that teach young children what to do in case they get lost. The course is primarily based on the NASAR Hug-a-Tree program. This course also covers the correct way to approach strange dogs. Please contact us if you are interesting in this program.

Do you know what to do if you get lost?

1. Find a tree and stay there. By staying in one place, you will be found more quickly and you won't get hurt.

2. Always carry a whistle and a trash bag. Whenever you go hiking, you should carry a whistle on a lanyard around your neck and a trash bag. By making a hole in one corner of the bag for your face (so you don't suffocate!) and pulling it over your head, you will keep dry and warm. The whistle can be heard from farther away than your voice, even  when you are yelling very loudly.

3. Mom and Dad won't be mad at you. Your parents will be so happy to see you again, and to know that you are safe.

4. Make yourself big.  From a helicopter, people are hard to see when they are standing up, when they are in a group of trees, or when wearing dark clothing. Find a tree to hug near a small clearing if possible. Wear a brightly colored jacket (red and orange are easy to see from far away) when you go into the woods or the desert. Lie down when the helicopter flies over. Make a big X on the ground using broken twigs, branches, rocks or by dragging your foot in the dirt.

5. Animals are afraid of humans -- If you hear a noise at night, yell at it! If it is an animal it will run away to protect itself. If it is a searcher, you will be found.

6. You have hundreds of friends looking for you. Many children who are lost don't realize that if they will just sit down and stay put, one of the many searchers will find them. The searchers will be yelling your name, but they are not angry. They are just worried about you and want to find you as quickly as possible. Don't be afraid to let them know where you are.


Please Remember...

1. Always tell someone where you are going.

2. Go with a friend if possible.

3. If you have a cell phone take it with you. If you don't have a cell phone, take a whistle with you.

4. If you do get lost, pick a nice spot and stay there. It is much easier to find you if you stay in one spot.

5. If you hear someone calling your name, answer them.

6. Blow your whistle, three times in a row and then stop and listen. Someone may hear it.


No Dog Bites - Rules to Remember

Children get bitten more than anyone else because they haven't learned a few rules.

1. Never approach a strange dog.

2. Never run towards a dog.

3. Ask permission before you pet a dog.

4. Never stick your hands through a fence or through an open car window to pet a dog, even if the dog looks friendly.

5. Never reach over or lean over a strange dog.

6. Never approach a strange dog that has a toy or a bone or while they are eating.

7. Never tease or scream at a dog.

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