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Sandy Vernlund   605-695-8444

Eric Peterson        605-695-8693

In case of an actual Search Emergency, contact your local Police, Sheriff or Fire Departments

Emergency 911

Brookings Police 632-2113

Brookings County Sheriff 696-8300

Brookings Fire Department 692-6329

Call ASAP, not as a last resort. K9 Search Teams should be one of the first resources you deploy. Time can be extremely important. If in doubt, go ahead and call. We do not mind being turned around.Keep people out. If there are any pets in the area have the owners put them inside. Avoid driving or parking vehicles near the search area. Exhaust fumes kill scent. This includes ATVs and Police squad cars.Have all available information ready for the handler. This may include a description of the person, description of footwear and other clothing, medical information, point last seen and any other information which might be helpful.Selection and collection of scent articles is best left to the K9 handler. If it is necessary to collect or protect scent articles prior to the team's arrival: DO NOT touch any scent article with bare hands. Use an inverted zip-loc baggie to collect the item. Seal the bag. Do not use ordinary plastic garbage bags. Many of these are treated with chemical deodorants.

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